Every Sports Betting Market Under the Canadian Sun

With Canada being over 2,000 km from the sportsbooks of Las Vegas, it’s a trek that few Canucks can make. Luckily, with VegasLand Sportsbook, you can save yourself the effort. After all, here we have everything any sports bettor could ever wish for. Whether you enjoy taking a punt on traditional sports such as horseracing or soccer, or the latest in eSports, we have these and hundreds of other sports betting options waiting for you.

At VegasLand Sportsbook, you’ll see that virtually every type of sport is represented. This extensive list includes many regular sporting activities such as football, F1, American football, lacrosse, basketball, Indy car Racing, snooker, horse racing, Canadian ice hockey, boxing, greyhound racing, and many more. We also branch out to cover lesser-known sports such as Gaelic Football and Aussie Rules. At VegasLand, we don’t just offer sports betting. You’ll find that wagering on non-sporting events like the Oscars or politics is welcome. Also, keeping up to date with the latest eSports treads, you can bet on Dota 2, Valorant, Starcraft, CounterStrike, League of Legends and more.

All sports are covered in depth. For example, looking at UK soccer, VegasLand Sportsbook serves 13 different leagues, ranging from the Premier to the Isthmian League of semi-professional teams.  It’s the same story with international teams, with Spanish football coverage featuring La Liga 1 and 2. In fact, we look at all the smaller less well-known leagues including ones like the NCAA for American college athletes playing basketball. There’s a good chance, that if you can bet on a sport, then we’ll have it covered.

The Best Selection of Sports Betting Markets

Once you’ve chosen a sport, it’s time to examine all the related betting markets. Here at VegasLand Sportsbook, we have made sure that all the most popular betting markets are represented in every sport we offer. So, rather than just betting on a team or a horse to win, you’re able to make other more obscure but no less exciting bets. For example, there’s no need to make the old boring bets about which team will win. Spice up your betting with wagers on things such as the number of yellow cards given out, the number of corners in the first half, who will score and when….there are a huge number of markets waiting for you to take advantage of.

Check out the Generous VegasLand Sportsbook Promotions

In order to help our players make the best of their bankroll, we have introduced some of the best bonuses and promotions in the whole sports betting arena. Not only do we offer a very generous welcome bonus for all new members, but also you’ll find promotions such as accumulator bets, cash-out offers and odds boost. VegasLand Sportsbook is always looking to help players get more bang for their buck.

Basketball Betting

Here at VegasLand Sportsbook, we like to think there's a world of basketball outside the NBA. So, though we cover this major league, we also include minor leagues and tournaments from the world over. This includes collage games. We suggest that you don't just bet on the winning team but branch out to explore other basketball betting markets including points tally, the winner of each quarter or the highest scoring player. There are so many betting possibilities during the game, that your options are almost limitless.

Soccer Betting

With soccer being the number one watched sport in the world, it’s essential that we have all the games covered. To that end, we take bets on leagues from all over the world, including Brazil, Columbia and Iceland to name but a few of over 60 of our soccer playing destinations. Once again, though we cover all the major leagues of each country, we also drill down into the minor leagues as well. If you stop and consider all the football betting markets, from the most red cards during a match to the number of corners over the first 45 minutes, then you’re bound to find the perfect wager to suit your predictions.

Tennis Betting

With the summer season starting, punters begin to look at tennis betting. At VegasLand Sportsbook we have all the tournaments and betting markets under our wing. Whether you’re interested in taking a punt on the Grand Slams, APT or WTA tours, we offer all the bets you’ll need to rake in those winnings. With so many betting markets available, you can wager on the overall match winner, the number of tie-breaks, the number of sets in a match and the number of aces, to name but a few. In fact, you could probably find a wager for every point during a game.

Horseracing Betting

Having a flutter on the horses is as old as time. Yet with time always being in short supply, few race lovers have the chance to make their way to the horse racing track. If you log on to VegasLand Sportsbook, you’ll see that we have all the world’s horse racing activities listed. In fact, making use of our extensive coverage of horse racing is going to be easy. There’s no need to leave the comfort of your home as you can bet to your heart’s content using your mobile phone. With horse racing being so popular, we have made sure we can offer the most extensive selection of horse betting markets. These include all your favourites like each-way bets, exacta, quinella, trifecta, supertrifecta to name just a few. You can expand your betting horizons with Vegasland Sportsbook, meaning there’s no need to stick with simply betting on which horse will win.

In-Play Betting

VegasLand Sportsbook has spent considerable resources to ensure that live betting is be a viable option for all sports gamblers using our website, whether on a PC or mobile device. Our in-play betting markets allow you to react instantly to the action as it unfolds, vastly increasing the number of betting opportunities. We also bring you live updates from sporting events, so that you can join in with the betting action even if you’re not watching. This changes the whole sports betting dynamic, making the process even more immersive and entertaining.