The Best Bookmaker This Side of Vegas

Many people forget that Las Vegas is not just the home of some of the world’s best-known casinos, but also a huge number of bookmakers. Therefore, so as not to be outdone, here at VegasLand, we too have our own sportsbook, with a huge range of betting markets and options. Whether you follow the football leagues or eSports, we have something to keep every sports bettor on their toes.

With our extensive selection of sports from around the globe, VegasLand has you covered no matter what sporting events you follow. This includes football, American Football, tennis, F1, baseball, cricket, darts, cycling, basketball, horse racing snooker, boxing and many more. We also cover lesser-known sports such as Gaelic Footall, Aussie Rules and so on. To add even more excitement into the mix, you can bet on non-sporting events including entertainment and politics. So having a flutter on the next Oscar winner or Prime Minister is a very real possibility. Finally, VegasLand, being one of the more contemporary bookmakers, offers wagering on various eSports including Counter Strike and Dota 2.

Betting on sports, in general, is one thing, but here at VegasLand we like to drill down into the leagues and games within those events. For example, football betting fans can wager on the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga, and any number of leagues in between. It’s a similar story with American sports. If betting on national leagues like the NFL is too easy, then why not try your hand at the smaller leagues like the NCAA for college athletes? With literally thousands of sporting leagues under our wing, we have the whole world of sports betting covered. So whether you want to take a punt on the more obscure lower leagues in some far-flung country, or do so on a national league, we have all the bases covered.

A Massive Selection of Sports Betting Markets

The sports themselves are only half of the betting equation. Before you place any bets you’ll need to check out the sports betting markets. At VegasLand, we excel in having a huge number of betting markets attached to every sporting event. Instead of just betting on the team, horse or player, to win the game, you’ll find we have all sorts of gameplay angles and results covered, allowing you to place bets on almost every possibility. For example, in football, this includes the overall outcome of a game, the number of bookings, who’s going to score or who will be carded. Furthermore, you can wager on the goal scorer, the number of corners, and much more. The list for every type of sports wager is almost endless     

Boost Your Bets with Sports Betting Promotions

Here at VegasLand, we want all our players to make the best of their betting opportunities with us. To help everyone get closer to their goals, we offer a huge number of promotions to keep our bettors busy. Apart from a generous sports betting welcome offer, you’ll find any number of promotions including odds boost, cash-out offers and accumulator bets. In other words, everything that’s necessary in order to get you up and running, and off to the best possible start.

Football Betting

As football is probably the most watched sporting activity in the world, then it’s no surprise that betting on soccer is so popular. VegasLand covers all the football leagues from Australia to Wales. With so many seasonal matches on our books, there's certainly no shortage of betting options. In addition, thanks to all the betting markets available, like the first to score or the number of yellow cards given out during the match, you can be sure there’s a bet especially tailored for you.

Tennis Betting

If you’re a betting tennis fan, then VegasLand Sportbook should be your first stop. We don’t just cover the majors, like the Grand Slams, but also offer markets for many of the ATP and WTA tournaments to boot. As for the betting markets themselves, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. You can bet on the overall outcome of a match, the number of tiebreaks, the number of sets in an event and even the number of aces, and many more in game events. It’s quite possible to bet on every single point during a match.

Basketball Betting

When it comes to basketball, many sports bettors automatically think of the NBA. However, here at VegasLand, we like to take a wider view. As a result, we cover virtually all the leagues and tournaments the globe over. Nevertheless, whatever league you choose to bet on, we will have all the betting markets covered. You can wager on the highest scorer during a game, the points tally per team, the winner of the game and even the winner of a particular quarter. Wherever the basketball is travelling, you’ll find a bet on it!

Horseracing Betting

Though many bettors love taking a punt on the horses, many don’t have the opportunity to attend a racetrack in person. VegasLand has such extensive coverage, that you'll be better off staying home and betting from the comfort of your sofa. Once again, as with all our sports, we have a huge number of horse race betting markets for you to choose from. This means there's no need to limit yourself to betting on which horse will win. A winning strategy should include many of our other betting options including each-way bets, exacta, quinella, trifecta and superfector bets, to name just a few.

In-Play Betting

Thanks to amazing advances in technology, VegasLand offers the chance for all bettors to wager on events live. In other words, as you watch the action unfold, it’s now possible to place a bet as the game or race is in progress. Being able to place a wager as you follow the action means that you can bet on the next thing to happen, just before it does. This adds an indescribable level of excitement to all sporting events and makes the whole betting experience with VegasLand incredibly satisfying.